Celebrating 25 Years of Supply Chain Innovation

25 Years of Making Supply Chain History

The supply chain has seen significant changes over the past 25 years – and Blume Global has been there every step of the way. With its AI-enabled, data-driven digital platform and solutions for real-time visibility, logistics execution, asset management, optimization and financial settlement, Blume Global uses 25 years of data insights and its global network to help enterprises be more agile and responsive, improve service delivery and reduce costs.

Blume Global is helping all participants in the global supply chain ecosystem by leveraging advanced technologies—including artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, blockchain and more—to drive and accelerate visibility and orchestration for every move, mode and mile.

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Celebrating 25 Years

By Pervinder Johar, CEO, Blume Global

The supply chain industry has gone through significant change over the past several decades and I’m so glad to have experienced much of it firsthand. The growth of networks across the US, the sheer volume of data, and technologies like blockchain and IoT, all in the name of efficiency…

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