Blumer Spotlight – Adnan Khan, Product Strategist

The Blume Global Team | July 09, 2019

Today, we are getting to know Adnan Khan – a Product Strategist at Blume Global. Adnan has worked across various supply chain functions and brings an interesting market perspective to his role at Blume. Also, learn about why he didn’t pursue his initial dream of being a street racer.

Adnan, can you tell me a bit about your career history before Blume?

Adnan: Most recently, I worked at a supply chain start-up in Mountain View, California. I was a Business Transformation Consultant in my time there, which meant that I worked to enable customer’s value realization through implementation of our solutions. Before that, I worked for GAP Inc. as an inventory strategy analyst, where I was responsible for building tools, reports, and strategic recommendations for the Inventory Management team. I’ve also done supply chain analytics for Safeway.

How have your previous roles helped you at Blume, and what is your current role?

Adnan: Working in the industry and seeing the challenges firsthand has given me insight into how we should approach solutions. My experience in a start-up environment has given me the tools to be dynamic, agile, and scrappy when it comes to getting things done. At Blume Global, I am part of the Product Strategy Team and right now my focus is on finding ways to expand our already broad Blume Network.

How are you doing that?

Adnan: We are integrating directly with ports, terminals, railroads, motor carriers, ELD/Telematics providers, airlines, airports, ocean carriers, IOT sensor providers, and 3rd party data aggregators to obtain this information.

And what is one of our strategic goals that keeps you motivated?

Adnan: I believe in our mission to build a robust and scalable Blume Platform so we can deliver high quality products to the market.

What are three things you like most about working for Blume Global?


  1. We have experienced and knowledgeable leaders who know both supply chain and software. Every day I’m learning something new from credible people who I can trust.
  2. The direction of the product. We have a clear vision and understanding of what we need to be to do in order to solve complex problems in the supply chain world
  3. The people. Cliché? Yes, but everyone here is encouraging, honest, motivated and intelligent.

When you were in high school, what did you dream of becoming?

Adnan: A street racer like Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) from Fast and the Furious, but then I received one too many tickets, my car broke down, and my dreams were crushed so…I decided to be an Engineer.

What events in your life have led you to your current role/job today?

Adnan: I signed up for supply chain as an elective while I was doing Engineering in college and at the same time, I was taking an operations research class. I saw an opportunity to bring the two together in the real world as a complex puzzle that needed solving, and that’s why I do what I do.

What is one piece of advice you can give to anyone?

Adnan: Don’t take life too seriously. Life is short…maintain a positive attitude and have faith that things will end up good, so find time to smile and laugh.

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