Blumer Spotlight – Casey Haas, Account Executive

The Blume Global Team | February 04, 2020

For our Blume Spotlight this week, we’re featuring our Account Executive Casey Haas, a recent addition to our Sales Team in our Pleasanton office.

Casey, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Casey: I’m from Orlando, Florida and lived there pretty much my whole life before moving to California to join Blume. For college, I went to the University of Central Florida in Orlando and studied Business Management.

Wow, welcome to California! What have been some of your highlights since moving here?

Casey: Definitely the outdoors! I love going to Tahoe, camping and exploring new places. I’ve also always wanted to surf on the West Coast which is now something I try to do most weekends.

What do you do at Blume?

Casey: I’m an account executive at Blume and my role consists of finding new companies that we can provide value to and help expand their business. Part of my day is reaching out to new clients and building relationships with other companies within the supply chain space. I also work with the product and marketing teams to help build solutions for our customers and make sure we’re building the right products for their businesses.

How did you get started in supply chain?

Casey: My first job after college was working for a rental car agency and they had a division leasing box trucks and flatbed trucks to local fleets. I eventually got promoted into a B2B sales position, selling to local fleets and kind of happened my way into the supply chain industry. I ended up really liking the field and continued on in different roles within supply chain organizations.

What do you like about working within the industry?

Casey: I like the problem-solving nature of supply chain. It’s rapidly changing, and you’re dealing with complex markets. I also enjoy being able to do something outside of the box, which you’ll find in any career within supply chain.

I heard that you also worked for a 3PL, can you explain what you did for them?

Casey: I was an account manager and held a multi-faceted role, where I helped bring in new customers. Part of my role was also in operations, where I helped manage freight for my customers, ensuring their needs were met and that their goods were moving from point A to point B on time.

Do you have any interesting stories from your time working at a 3PL?

Casey: So, one thing people might not realize with trucking is that freight can be held hostage.

Wait, what do you mean held hostage??

Casey: Some trucking companies don’t operate completely reputably and will take your shipment and once they have hold of your goods will ask for more money. I experienced this way more often than you’d think. Going through situations like that has definitely helped my negotiation skills. Usually, these situations can be avoidable if you take more time to vet out who you’re doing business with versus taking the lowest price possible. Digitizing these transactions would also make these situations less likely to happen, giving you real-time visibility into where the truck drivers are at all times.

What brought you to Blume Global?

Casey: I originally found out about Blume through LinkedIn. Coming from the 3PL industry I saw how valuable Blume’s technology was and the differences it could’ve made in daily operations and even my daily life working at a 3PL. Reflecting on my experience of handling old and manual operations helped me to see how much of a difference automation could make in my day to day life, saving me a lot of time.

Any advice for new grads thinking about a career in supply chain or logistics?

Casey: I would say go for it! Supply chain and logistics is difficult to learn if you’ve never worked in it, so to understand if you want to be a part of it, gain experience working in it. If you enjoy problem-solving and having a lot of variety in your day-to-day, then supply chain might be a good fit for you.

Is there anything on your bucket list?

Casey: One thing on my bucket list is going to surf at the Mavericks which happens to be in the Bay Area, and another is to do a cage dive with great white sharks. When I was a little kid, I was obsessed with sharks and always had the discovery channel on. Now, that I’m on the West Coast I definitely want to do it!

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