Blumer Spotlight – Dipti Gupta, AVP Solutions

The Blume Global Team | July 22, 2019

A seasoned software sales and services professional, Dipti brings to Blume a deep background in enterprise applications and a passion for creating the best possible customer journey. She has defined and evangelized Blume’s customer lifecycle experience and developed a comprehensive support strategy to deliver a valuable service to our team and our customers.

The following is an excerpt from our interview with Dipti:

How did you get your start?

Dipti: I graduated with my masters in industrial management and received my APICS certification. With degrees in hand, I accepted a position driving SAP/ BaaN, where I was responsible for supply chain implementations. In that role, I had the opportunity to travel and meet a wide range of people. I have been able to witness how those people I met years ago have grown in their own careers. The skills I developed and the people I met while working with SAP/ BaaN have factored into my current position at Blume. When I meet a new prospect it often turns into a reunion- the supply chain community is very small.

After dedicating the first part of my career to supply chain consultancy, I joined HP and Flex. It felt like a natural progression as I found myself managing global teams supporting supply chain IT systems/ solutions. Over these years, I saw many SaaS supply chain vendors come up with new technology to improve execution, and I decided to leverage my experience in selling software. This ultimately led me to Blume! It’s a hot space and I find my days quite inspiring as I witness the tech advancements that promise to transform the supply chain field.

You’ve mentioned that the supply chain industry is in an era of unprecedented change. Can you elaborate?

Dipti: Over a decade ago, companies attempted to leverage the cloud and IoT technologies by introducing automation to factory floors. Then they slowly began creating solutions that worked from a common platform to increase collaboration. This collaboration has led to the efficiency we have today in the supply chain. Today, we strive to maximize the efficiency of transportation to create additional savings and make the most informed decisions. As our personal lives become simplified by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), businesses feel the pressure to keep up. As such, IoT devices will soon take over the U.S market – forcing solution providers to develop ways to efficiently leverage the enormous amount of data now at our fingertips.

How do you see your role evolving as the industry grows and new technology such as blockchain becomes more relevant?

Dipti: My position evolves as technology advances and as our customers’ needs change. As solution consultants, we must stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology and collaborate with customers to solve their challenges. Personally, I think we need to become the customer’s trusted advisor. By developing relationships with leaders at customer sites, we are able to successfully uncover challenges and address them effectively and efficiently. We have to make ourselves available to be problem solvers.

What are your unique skills that are essential for working in the supply chain industry?

Dipti: We all bring a different perspective and skill set to our careers. In addition to industry knowledge, I am great at multi-tasking. I think it’s a natural tendency for many women, and for that reason I think women have the potential to make great leaders – we just haven’t had as many opportunities. With that said, this is changing. As a leader myself, I encourage women in their careers and provide the flexibility for those women and men who work and have families that need their attention and care, too.

What advice can you offer to those who find themselves at the very start of their supply chain career?

Dipti: The supply chain industry is very complex. Not complicated, complex. I advise any individual to take a job that promises an experience in the supply chain. It could be in manufacturing plants, it could be operations, or you might be pushing buttons in a factory. With this experience, you’ll find it’s easier to understand how to solve a problem, and how to determine what problems need to be solved, as your career advances. Nothing replaces real-life experience.

In addition, we must promote inclusivity within the supply chain. Early on in my own career, I was one of the few women who dedicated their time and talent to this field. Fortunately, this has changed somewhat over the years, and I hope that we’ll see even more growth a couple of decades from now. To be a part of this change, we must take the time to turn around and enable people behind us. This ensures that we are learning and growing together. Slowly, we are seeing a lot more women joining the top levels of the supply chain industry and it’s extremely encouraging.

Do you have a leadership philosophy? Any books/authors to recommend?

Dipti: I have had the opportunity to attend many sessions held by Jennifer Chatman at UC Berkeley, where she promotes that a true leader has a repertoire of skills that we can pull out as we deal with various people within the teams. She works to identify how organizations can take advantage of culture for strategic success and how to sharpen performances by creating a diverse team. I’ve learned from her sessions that no one is born a leader, but you can learn how to lead.

We live in a world where we can’t wait for the next piece of new technology. Do you remember the first technology gadget you bought?

Dipti: I bought a hot pink Motorola flip phone – and I still have it!

What do you do in your free time outside of work at Blume Global?

Dipti: I love to climb. Every year a handful of my friends travel to new mountains to climb. Actually just this past June we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and it was amazing. Climbing is completely opposite to what I do in my day-to-day career and the time with my friends is something I look forward to and it refreshes me for the rest of the year.


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