Blumer Spotlight – Renata Swickard, UI Lead

The Blume Global Team | October 07, 2019

Diversity is something we are proud of at Blume Global. Today, we are putting the spotlight on Renata Swickard, our UI Lead, who was born in Brazil and speaks four different languages. She is fashionable and has a great eye for design of any type. 

Hi Renata, how are you doing today?

Renata: In one word—busy, but I’m great! Our team of UI designers is looking forward to the upcoming product releases on our platform and we’re excited to take part in helping drive innovation within the supply chain!

I see! Tell me more about your team and Blume Global.

Renata: It’s an exciting time to be at Blume and I love seeing how we are constantly growing, and customer’s demands are always changing. I lead the UI team through our strategic user experience efforts and design progress. As UI/UX designers, we’re always looking out for effective and innovative design trends of the moment, while harnessing valuable feedback from testing and research. It’s always a plus to be in a great industry where you are able to obtain willing volunteers to partake in your process, often because they care about the outcome of the product as much as you do.

Did you know you’ve always wanted to be a UX designer?

Renata: No, as a matter of fact, I always dreamt I was going to be an advertisement strategist. I’ve always found myself in love with two worlds—design and strategy. Six years ago, I decided to dive into user experience design and that was the best move I’ve made in my career so far. Aside from pushing pixels, I’ve been able to use my research skills and apply them. After my second child, I got deeper into web media and app product design, which bridges into where I am today.

What inspired you to be in this field?

Renata: I love great advertising and am a fan of the series “Mad Men.” When I was younger, I subscribed to magazines of all sorts (I had 3 subscriptions at a time, my mom wouldn’t let me have too many). I would then cut out all the visually interesting things I liked to create big poster collages. I was also a serious diary keeper! Every other page of my diaries would always be filled with creative typography and colorful images.

That’s cool! And now, you get to channel your design passion in the supply chain world.

Renata: Yes, I am fortunate to be working in such a fast-growing industry like supply chain. I’ve had the opportunity to apply user-focused design skills to create intuitive solutions that allow users to accomplish repetitive day-to-day tasks. Understanding how supply chain works is greatly beneficial to how I can help guide our products into a better and more friendly user experience.

What excites you about Blume Global?

Renata: The people, culture, vision and startup feel. Simple as that.

Besides work, what do you do in your free time?

Renata: I’m all about my family. In the midst of building my career, I have been able to raise three loving, talented and respectable human beings that can hopefully contribute to our world as much as I have been.

What are some of the things in your bucket list?


  • My husband and I would love to rent a camper and travel across the US with our kids.
  • Visit the Maldives, Bahamas, Bora Bora, and Croatia.

Do you have advice for people who are starting their career after college? Or share a life philosophy you live by?

Renata: Never settle for just any job, anyone or anything.


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