by Chandini Ramesh, Product Analyst

Last week, I was fortunate to attend DrayTECH 2020, an annual conference hosted by the Harbor Trucking Association for trucking companies and their partners. As a product analyst at Blume currently working on Blume CarrierGo ­— our solution for motor carriers ­­— I was excited to take this opportunity to speak to potential users of the product and longtime trucking industry experts.

At the conference, I attended multiple panels and spoke with people who dropped by our booth looking to learn about Blume Global. Below, I’ve shared two key themes I observed from attending the event and what they might mean for the future of the trucking industry.

Integrating & Sharing Data is Crucial for Truck Drivers

In order to provide supply chain visibility and ensure that drivers can get to and from their destinations in a reasonable amount of time, it is crucial to share data. No one party can provide an end-to-end solution without partnering with other organizations.

For example, in order to reduce driver idle time, it is important to get port congestion data and accurately schedule appointments. At the conference, leaders from the Port of Los Angeles & Long Beach Container Terminals were there to talk about their efforts to share data. I found this to be really exciting as it seems like everyone in the industry is working to help this become a reality!

Improving Drivers’ Lives through Technology in Turn Improves Everyone’s 

At the conference, our GVP of Product Strategy, Glenn Jones, participated in a panel about how technology can improve the truck driver experience. All the panelists emphasized that utilizing technology can decrease driver wait times, improve their access to resources and more.

Since drayage is a central element to transportation in the United States, it is important to innovate to improve drivers’ lives. We’ve seen a shortage of truck drivers in the past, but if technology can improve certain aspects of their experience, it will benefit the entire industry.

Overall, it was inspiring to see so many passionate people come together to talk about how to move the industry forward.

Check out the complete capabilities of Blume CarrierGo by visiting Global Trade Magazine and Logistics Management where GVP Product Strategy, Glenn Jones dives into the necessary support motor carriers need to remain as efficient and effective as possible. 


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