5 Questions With Ritika Suri, Chief Business Officer

The Blume Global Team | January 08, 2019

We recently sat down with Blume Global’s Chief Business Officer Ritika Suri to learn more about what excites her about the supply chain industry, her proudest career moments and more.

First, a little on Ritika’s background: Ritika is responsible for channel sales and marketing, and helping to drive strategy and sales operations for Blume Global. She has been an executive leader in technology for the past 20 years holding various leadership roles in sales, product management, corporate development, mergers, acquisitions and venture investing. Most recently, Ritika was Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Ventures at Infosys, where she ran the strategic large deals sales portfolio globally, and the Infosys Corporate Venture Fund. Prior to Infosys, Ritika was at SAP in various executive leadership roles driving revenue and innovation with new products. Ritika has an M.B.A. from Leeds Business School, U.K and a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Enter Ritika…

What do you consider to be your top career accomplishments thus far?

I think I have been lucky to have had a few top moments in my life. One of my most exciting accomplishments was at SAP leading our partnership with Apple, when iTunes and iPhones were at their height. Another one was back in 2002, right after the bubble burst, successfully closing a venture funding round for our startup. As I look back, I’ve been very fortunate to be given opportunities to reinvent and challenge myself every three years, by taking on new and exciting roles at the cusp of technology and new innovations. From moving to various startup roles, to an enterprise company (SAP, where I launched the go-to-market for SAP HANA), to launching a successful startup fund at Infosys and mentoring and investing, to helping build the next generation of enterprise startups, each has had its high moments.

What drew you to Blume?

I’ve always been keen to work on new, innovative business models that disrupt and challenge the norm. Bringing in learnings from adjacent industries, coupled with new technologies has always excited me. Supply chains are not new. However, timing is key in successful adoption and disruption. And here, I feel Blume is uniquely positioned to redefine supply chain visibility and execution. With its vast depth of data, collected over the last 25+ years, we enable a data-driven supply chain that can be even more effective and efficient. Data and networks have an even more important role to play in today’s gig economy, where technologies—like artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing—to automate and orchestrate can have a positive impact to everyone participating in the ecosystem. Additionally, the leadership team at Blume comes with tremendous individual experiences, either running or building supply chain products. This experience is unmatched in the industry, and we look forward to exciting times ahead.

What excites you the most about supply chains?

With technology advances, business models have evolved and today we are on the cusp of drastically disrupting this industry. With changing regulations, rising tariffs, natural disasters and economic flux, building agile and resilient supply chains will be even more imperative. Much like Uber has become for consumers, the movement of goods will become more like a marketplace, a network of networks. And herein lies the opportunity to reconsider and redefine current manufacturing strategies and global operations.

In your opinion, what are the technologies that are poised to change supply chains?

We are seeing the potential of many technologies already adopted and impacting supply chains today. Automation to eliminate manual, paper-based and repetitive tasks is probably at the top of the list. Intelligent, self-learning systems are a close second. Other technologies like voice recognition and predictive capabilities are being deeply integrated into supply chain systems. And technologies like blockchain show great potential further down the road. In the end, the interaction between humans, machines and smart data will be groundbreaking for the supply chain industry.

What are some fun facts that people might not know about you?

I’m a state champion in field hockey. On a slightly lighter note, from fearing dogs due to a dog bite in early childhood, I’ve become a great dog lover. But perhaps most importantly, I’m passionate about empowering women in all aspects of their lives.

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