Blumer Spotlight – Samreen Asad, Technical Product Manager

The Blume Global Team | March 07, 2019

Samreen Asad is a technical product manager at Blume Global with previous work experience at Tesla and other companies. She’s working on some great things and has some interesting stories already in her relatively short time at Blume Global.

Enter Samreen…

What’s your current role for Blume Global and what are some of your key responsibilities?

Currently, I work as a product manager for Blume Visibility. My day-to-day responsibilities include working with pre-sales, product strategy and customers to ensure that our product is going in the right direction. I then work with the software development team to get the required feature sets done.

You joined Blume Global in October 2018. What have been some highlights about your time at Blume Global so far?

As a team, the big highlight of course is delivering products into the market and then seeing them take off. From a culture standpoint, it’s been exciting to see the team grow and come together and really become a team, and to see our new office space take shape as a place for us to collaborate.

You’ve been working hard with your team on building great products. How are things progressing and what are you most excited about?

Things have been going great. It’s a privilege to work with such hard-working and amazing people who are as passionate as you are about building excellent software products. I am most excited about our CEO’s vision. The timelines are aggressive, but we are all motivated to see the company grow.

You come from Tesla. Anything you want to share about that?

Working at Tesla was one of the best opportunities that I ever had. I did have a title in the company, but each employee was working above and beyond to make the company successful. One day, I was a production associate, the next day I was in operations and on another, we were helping to deliver cars to meet the quarter-end target. It taught me that no matter what you do or what your title is, there should only be one agenda—and that is to see the success of the company you work for and how you can contribute towards that.

Were you born in Pakistan? Tell us a little bit about your time growing up in Pakistan and how it’s shaped you as a person.

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Growing up, I had the opportunity to go to the best schools. However, more than from the schools, I learned the most from the people around me. Their resilience and hard work taught me never to give up. Even in the most challenging situations, I have seen them smile, and it made me realize how blessed I was.

You have one of the best work commutes anyone could ask for. How’s that been going so far and how has it improved your lifestyle?

Having a five-minute commute is a blessing. Honestly, there are no more traffic jams to deal with every day. With two little kids, I couldn’t have asked for a better lifestyle change.

What do you do in your free time outside of work at Blume Global?

I love to write. I own a blog. I also like to travel. As a family, we have done some pretty long road drives and traveled quite a bit around the U.S., as well as abroad.

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