UPDATE: TPM20 and El Dorado has been cancelled. We regret that we cannot meet with our customers and partners at TPM20 and El Dorado, but know the health of our communities outweighs the importance of any trade event. We look forward to the next opportunity to meet safely with our global network.

TPM20 and El Dorado are now only one week away! TPM20 will be filled with sessions aimed to address and solve the key operational challenges industry stakeholders face within an ever-changing supply chain ecosystem reliant on container shipping services.

These same challenges are ones that Blume Global is tackling every day for our customers and the broader supply chain ecosystem. As part of our commitment to help you overcome these challenges, in this blog we highlighted a couple sessions at TPM20 we recommend checking out.

How to Power a Data-Driven Supply Chain

Session Title: Shipper Strategies: Managing Container Flow Through Marine Terminals and Rail Ramps in 2020

One major theme at TPM20 is the power of a data-driven supply chain. In this session, industry experts from the Harbor Trucking Association and Kuehne + Nagel discuss the benefits of collecting and sharing data on terminal congestion, gate times and cargo availability.

With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, supply chain organizations are uniquely positioned to utilize big data to improve their performance and customers’ satisfaction. Collaboration is key to innovation and through sharing best practices to working with data, organizations can begin to unlock the full potential of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Next Steps for IMO 2020

Session Title: IMO 2020: Where We Stand and What the Transition Looks Like

IMO 2020 has been a hot topic this year, with the mandate officially going into effect January 1. In its first week, prices for fuel remained stable and did not prove to be too different for ships with scrubbers.

However, there still remains a lot of uncertainty for how great an impact it will continue to have on carriers and BCOs. This session will bring together industry experts to discuss the medium-term outlook for low and high-sulfur fuel prices and supply, in addition to how BCOs can best navigate the new market landscape.

The supply chain industry is constantly evolving and events like this are a great way to bring together leaders to discuss new and innovative ways to overcome the challenges we face as an industry.

We can’t wait to see everyone at TPM20 and El Dorado at the Blume Global booths (TPM Booth Number 18 and El Dorado Booth Number 21)! To schedule a meeting with us check out our webpage here.


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