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In the supply chain, an organization’s commitment to sustainable and related corporate-responsibility practices is also becoming a differentiator. The carbon-neutral supply chain technology provider Blume Global strives to be part of the carbon-reduction discussion at every logistics company, helping stakeholders make better, greener selections when considering freight transportation options. Blume can show stakeholders how to use technology to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain but also how to create a strong sustainability culture that will help transform industry norms.

Through innovative Street Turns and Domestic Reload solutions, industry collaborations, and corporate initiatives, Blume is creating, sustaining, and supporting a purposeful supply chain ecosystem, transforming wasteful transportation processes into sustainable supply chains. Goods moving around the world are predominantly transported by vehicles using fossil fuels. By developing technology that optimizes the supply chain, Blume Global is eliminating significant carbon emissions through reducing empty miles and optimizing every move and every mode.

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Join Blume in moving the discussion forward at the Global Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2021.


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