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IMCs: Get Real-Time Visibility With Blume Global

It’s no secret that intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) are particularly sensitive to surprises in shipping costs, as operating margins are already thin to begin with. Plus, motor carrier capacity is limited, especially around peak seasons like the end of the year.

That’s why efficient and effective operations—fueled by real-time visibility—is critical to keeping up with ever-increasing demand and maintaining a high level of customer service for your IMC.

Challenges for IMCs

Some top-of-mind challenges that IMCs like yours typically face include:
• Visibility – You need end-to-end shipment visibility across all modes of transportation to accurately report real-time status updates and provide timely PODs.
• Capacity – To meet your ever-increasing capacity needs, maintaining and growing capacity with your motor carrier partners is an absolute must.
• Payables – When complex payables processes with extended cycle times between time of service to being paid by multiple shippers can take as long as 60 to 90 days, it’s clear you need a faster and simpler payables solution.
• Technology – Automation, automation, automation. You’ll want to leverage advanced technologies to eliminate manual processes that are labor-intensive and put a strain on internal IT resources.
• Standardization – When working with many motor carrier partners who each have their own technology solutions and levels of maturity, having a streamlined and standardized process is key.
• Efficiency – Tired of decentralized and fragmented models for account management and manual motor carrier scorecard processes? Good news: there’s a better way.

Streamlined Process Automation

First, start with a direct integration with our industry-leading asset management solution to automate the management and execution of your shipments. With API, EDI or flat file integration with Blume Assets, you can automate the inquiry and reservation for containers and other assets, and upload back into your TMS system in a secure, fast and effective manner.

The results? You’ll have more real-time information to proactively manage customer shipments and avoid wasting time making manual system inquiries.

End-to-End Visibility

Next, leverage Blume logistics execution solution for real-time shipment visibility and orchestration across all modes, event-based POD and fast integration.

With Blume Logistics, you’ll get:
• Real-time visibility of shipments across motor carrier and rail networks, and event-based POD
• A robust network of all Class I railroads and 3,000+ motor carriers (North America), providing rapid time to value
• Automatic billing, tendering and reconciliation of the drayage invoice process, eliminating discrepant invoices and expediting time between invoicing and payment
• Key performance metric visibility including on-time performance, accessorial costs and carrier scorecards

Real-Time Tracking Dashboard

Customer Success for a Leading IMC

Blume Global (formerly REZ-1) empowers a leading IMC to have a laser focus on growth and customer satisfaction by optimizing its operations to be as efficient as possible. The IMC uses Blume Assets to manage the inventory, distribution, tracking and maintenance and repair of transportation assets under its control. Blume Logistics helps the company with its first- and last-mile visibility in the drayage and intermodal carrier network for its domestic and international business.

Additionally, the IMC uses Blume Digital Platform for a data-driven approach that includes powerful, end-to-end global visibility for cargo and containers around the world. Finally, the IMC leverages the large Blume Global network of motor carriers to expedite onboarding and solution deployment.

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