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In today’s supply chain, agility is job number one. Blume Global enables intermodal stakeholders to create agile supply chain processes that quickly adapt to overcome disruptions in the shipment lifecycle.

Blume helps logistics businesses continuously adapt to constantly changing environments and demands, with an eye toward efficiency and supply chain sustainably.

Blume Global, platinum plus sponsor of IANA’s May Business Meeting, has the solutions you need to create agile supply chain processes.




Blume’s Intermodal Transportation Management System

In the past two years, domestic supply chains have been confronted with challenge after challenge in quick succession. These disruptions have underlined the importance of supply chain agility and resilience. Intermodal stakeholders using Blume’s Global’s intermodal transportation management system benefit from technology that continuously collects and analyzes data, in real time, from the extensive Blume network, searching for opportunities to provide superior customer service while balancing cost..

Blume’s TMS offers

Automation: Optimize and automate shipment planning and execution. Capitalize on management-by-exception notifications to focus on trouble shipments
Agility: Dynamically change the transportation plan during execution to take advantage of new opportunities to streamline shipments and reduce costs or address issues impacting delivery dates and other disruptions
Aid: Choose from an extensive network of carriers, ensuring transportation capacity is always available.


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Blume Logistics is a holistic operating platform for international and domestic transportation management, enabling you to successfully orchestrate, optimize and observe the movement of goods every move, every mode and every mile.

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