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CPKC Chooses Blume Asset Management Solution to Expand Market Equipment Availability in North America

Value Spotlight: Manage Inventory Goals

New Interactive Inventory Controls

Available on Monday, March 26, asset owners will be able to create and manage inventory goals directly in the REZ-1 application with the new Manage Inventory Goals set of features.

Company designated users will have access to a new Target Inventory button on the Inventory Page of the REZ-1 application. The new button launches a window to set target inventory goals and utilize the full capacity of each terminal. Users can choose to add or edit individual inventory targets or select multiple pools to change several target goals at one time.

In addition to the new Target Inventory button, users now have access to three columns within their Activity Page:

  • Target Inventory: Indicates the target inventory goal set for the selected terminal
  • Good Order Inventory: Shows the number of units at the terminal that are not in a “Bad Order” or “Heavy Bad Order” status
  • Target Inventory +/–: Compares the surplus or deficit of good order units at the terminal with the Target Inventory goal
Click image to enlarge (will open a new window).

What do these enhancements mean for you?

  • Communicate terminal inventory goals to all users within your organization via the REZ-1 Inventory page
  • In real time, monitor terminal inventory and track how it affects your overall inventory goals
  • Utilize REZ-1 Business Intelligence tools to view and trend historical compliance data and compare them to inventory goals including GAH1161 – Inventory Snapshot Report and the Container Inventory Snapshot Self Service Template
  • Create reposition plans by using your inventory goals alongside of your demand and other pertinent data within the REZ-1 application

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