Retailers digitize their supply chains
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Blume Global dynamically recommends and automatically reroutes shipments as they move along complex, multi-modal routes. Blume has the only solution that works on a pervasive, global scale across all modes, making sure retailers always know where their goods are and when they will arrive. With Blume, retailers can easily overcome supply chain disruptions and meet dynamically changing demand.

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End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Blume Global removes dark areas and provides clear end-to-end order, item and shipment visibility across the supply chain. This provides retailers with the most accurate location and status of orders, items (inventory in transit) and shipments. Real-Time ETA Updates for to single and multi-mode shipments allow retailers to improve resource planning, avoiding detention, demurrage and late OTIF penalties.

Supply Chain Collaboration, Control Tower and Orchestration

Blume orchestrates supply chain execution for procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes, enabling collaboration among buyer, supplier and logistics providers. With orchestration, all trading partners are in sync and benefit from more effective tactical planning and execution, identifying opportunities and exceptions while supplying recommendations. Analytics support carrier and supplier score carding, KPI’s and dashboards.

International and Domestic TMS

Blume’s TMS enables automated transportation management and execution across ALL modes of transport, routes and carriers; dynamic corrections to each user’s transportation plan and associated execution; and access to an extensive network of carriers, ensuring transportation capacity is always available.

Blume Order Management

With Blume Global, customers can digitize and streamline legacy purchase order interactions among shippers, brand owners, vendors and suppliers. Blume manages PO acceptances and proposed changes, as well as escalation and the resolution of issues in real-time. All of this allows companies to create transformative supply chain strategies for their customers.

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