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Last year at the RailTrends event, Blume Global shared with CEOs from Class I and shortline railroads, along with other stakeholders, how to make predictions in an uncertain supply chain world with logistics technology. Blume’s focus at this year’s event is to introduce innovative solutions that help bring an end to unprecedented congestion by cultivating collaboration among all stakeholders.

It is essential to quickly uncover drayage carrier capacity and find chassis to optimize the flow of containers from crowded inland ports. Blume’s newest solution, CarrierGo Live, is a drayage marketplace and carrier listing service built to ease congestion at rail ramps. CarrierGo Live provides shippers with real-time access to drayage capacity while also connecting shippers and motor carriers with hard-to-find chassis.

Blume Global is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the event. Sign up to learn more about Blume and CarrierGo Live during the event.