Reserve and Track Maersk Containers

By The Blume Global Team

A pilot program begins on Monday, June 4, 2018 between Maersk, the world’s largest ocean carrier, and REZ-1 to manage domestic container bookings on the REZ-1 platform. With access to this program, shippers will be able to create reservations, submit rail billing and monitor open shipments directly through the REZ-1 interface. The REZ-1 system will give shippers greater visibility from equipment availability to tracking the container status and location.

The pilot program is exclusive to the Dallas Metro area. During the pilot, Maersk Domestic asks that their shippers make Dallas Metro bookings through the REZ-1 system on www.rez1.com. REZ-1 will also manage the rail billing and invoicing on these shipments. Since many Maersk customers already work with REZ-1 today, this change will make it easier for shippers to work with Maersk Domestic out of the Dallas Metro area.

Bookings for all other locations will continue to be booked directly through Maersk Domestic either by email or the Maersk Domestic website. With the success of the pilot program, Maersk Domestic will look to expand use of REZ-1 to other locations.

If you are interested in participating and do not have access please contact:

Bill Fentress – Bill.Fentress@Maersk.com 704-571-4759
Lina Petrocelli – Lina.Petrocelli@Maersk.com 704-571-2568

If you have any general program questions, please reach out to response@rez1.com



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