REZ-1 Dispatch – Many Modes – One Global Solution

By The Blume Global Team

Posted on June 17, 2015 by Tara Tate

REZ-1 provides a high-service, secure, and scalable technology platform connecting a global network of customers and trading partners. REZ-1’s cloud-based applications foster collaboration within that connected community and bring visibility to actionable information for both asset and transportation management.

Critical criteria for effective transportation management systems, according to logistics industry analyst group Gartner, are breadth and depth of the systems involved, meaning natively supporting multiple modes, including international transportation capability.

Although REZ-1 has its roots in ocean/intermodal and has long been connecting customers and trading partners in literally dozens of countries worldwide (88, by latest count); through continued product development REZ-1 Dispatch now supports “any load in any mode” to support its growing 3PL user-base. In fact, a significant portion of work order volume is comprised of LTL, local pick-up and delivery, airfreight trucking and domestic line haul in over 30 countries alone. This enables “one version of the truth,” a unified process, improved compliance with customer needs and sustained achievement of management objectives for both buyers and providers of international goods transportation.

REZ-1 Dispatch is a cloud-based suite of modules that bring together order assignment, delivery scheduling, amendment management, invoicing, visibility, tendering, optimization, and business intelligence – all within a single, easy-to-use workflow “pre-connected” to thousands of carriers worldwide.

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