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CPKC Chooses Blume Asset Management Solution to Expand Market Equipment Availability in North America

Blume Global's Sustainability Goals

  • Blume Global is a
    carbon neutral business
  • Reduce the worldwide
    logistics spend by
    1 trillion
Carbon Neutral
Blume Global is focused on expanding its solutions to provide customers the means to reduce carbon emissions throughout the supply chain. The company is also dedicated to eliminating unsustainable corporate practices and offsetting any carbon emissions Blume emits.

Sustainable Solutions

Blume solutions optimize assets to reduce carbon emissions, eliminate wasteful practices, and generate efficiencies across the supply chain. Blume Global's digital operating platform for supply chain execution enables a sustainable, more agile multimodal supply chain. And as the speed of supply chain disruptions increases, Blume creates technology that allows stakeholders to plan, predict and adjust to keep goods flowing around the world while reducing their carbon footprints.

Street Turns Solution

The Blume Global Street Turns solution significantly improves driver and truck utilization, increasing turns while reducing congestion and CO2 emissions around ports and rail ramps. According to the Boston Consulting Group, street turns — where truck drivers match outbound moves from rail ramps with inbound moves to rail ramps, rather than repositioning empty containers for pickup — for domestic intermodal carriers could save 8 million to 18.8 million miles per year depending on container constraints. Blume’s rich ecosystem of ocean freight forwarders, ocean carriers, dray carriers and intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) provides an extremely large volume of outbound and inbound moves significantly increasing the opportunity for street turns.

Domestic Reload Solution

Most ocean carriers ship goods from Asia to the U.S., sending domestic containers through West Coast ports to be loaded on rail, destined for the middle of the country. When no export cargo needs to head back west, the carrier must send an empty container back to the port. Shipping a container full of air is neither sustainable nor efficient. Blume’s Domestic Reload solution enables steamship lines to reduce or eliminate the cost of returning containers via rail from inland ports by allowing shippers to use the container for a domestic move. The program automatically matches outbound and inbound move requirements, orchestrating container moves to minimize empty repositioning.

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Empty miles saved
Last update: 2020.10.15

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