Blume launches Ocean Freight Terminal Solution

We all know shippers and freight forwarders have gotten sick of waiting to retrieve time-sensitive cargo from congested West Coast ports.

With Blume Global’s innovative terminal solutions, cargo owners can recover freight from ports quickly and more predictably. Shippers can proactively request priority handling for containers that are then unloaded directly onto a chassis, creating a speedy turnaround for drayage carriers.

This service is only currently available at the Fenix Marine Terminal in the Port of Los Angeles and is just one of the many solutions Blume Global offers geared toward saving ocean shippers and freight forwarders time and money.

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Digital Operating Platform

The Blume Digital Operating Platform is the only cloud first, secure, API-enabled platform that connects and uplifts the entire logistics supply chain ecosystem. Blume Logistics is a suite of solutions leveraging Blume’s digital operating platform for managing international and domestic shipping.

Blume Logistics

Blume Logistics can replace or compliment existing transportation management system  and is already directly connected to a large network of transportation providers. Via the Blume Network, shippers can leverage freight forwarders, brokers and carriers directly or adopt a hybrid model to move goods via ocean, air, and ground to successfully orchestrate, optimize and observe the movement of goods — every move, every mode, and every mile.

Blume provides collective intelligence gained from interactions between people combined with data collected from the Blume network. This allows you to plan shipments, move cargo with ease, maintain visibility, receive alerts when shipments are at risk of being late , and audit and pay invoices. By adopting a holistic transportation management system , you’ll be able to scale your operations, manage your costs and provide on-demand, accurate and real-time statuses to your customers.

International Shipping

With Blume Logistics, gain a comprehensive view of your logistics network, allowing you to more efficiently plan and book air and ocean capacity, move cargo end-to-end with ease, accrue cost and audit and pay invoices all in one system. In addition, gain end-to-end visibility leveraging real-time information.

Improve execution and optimize moves with insight into behavior from locations such as seaports, airports, railroads, distribution centers, and cross docks. Blume’s solution will also give you a faster time-to-value with fast and easy onboarding.

End-to-End Shipment Visibility

With Blume Global, you can give your operations team and customers an Amazon-like experience. You and your customers can track orders, items, and shipments along with cargo quality. Continuously updated ETAs allow you to proactively answer your customers’ most pressing questions :  “Where is my order?,” “How much inventory do I have in transit?” “Is my order at risk of being late or damaged?”

Learn About Blume Solutions

Blume Logistics is a holistic operating platform for international and domestic transportation management, enabling you to successfully orchestrate, optimize and observe the movement of goods every move, every mode and every mile.

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