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Blume Global recognized as a challenger in the 2022 Gartner(R) Magic Quadrant (TM). Download the report here!

What They Say About Us

Who We Are, What We Stand For

At Blume Global, we are committed to an ethical, purpose-driven supply chain that benefits all parties. A purposeful supply chain is optimized, efficient, effective, responsible and employs environmentally sustainable practices. The potential of an orchestrated, collaborative supply chain that addresses environmental and social challenges is profound.

Blume helps optimize moves to reduce carbon emissions, provides visibility and traceability, empowers small businesses and emerging economies, and orchestrates the delivery of goods where they are needed most. This is the Blume Global promise to our customers and partners.

Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global, has a diverse background in supply chain management and technology. Across more than three decades, Johar has introduced solutions that have helped companies reduce their carbon emissions and foster logistics agility. He has led companies providing innovative solutions to the logistics industry as well as managed global systems for companies such as HP. Leveraging his expertise in AI, robotics process automation and machine learning, Johar is guiding Blume’s next wave of transformative solutions.

Pervinder Johar
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer Tom Williams leads the Finance and Human Resources teams at Blume Global. He brings over three decades of experience in finance, leading companies through acquisitions and assisting them with initial public offerings — including leadership roles at public companies such as Manhattan Associates and Sterling Commerce. Prior to joining Blume, Tom was the Chief Financial Officer for Steelwedge Software and Evestment.

Tom Williams
Chief Financial Officer

Blume Global CIO Yamini Vellore leads the customer success, professional services and techops teams. Working with Manhattan Associates beginning in 1992, she rose to the level of VP Global R&D before departing for Hewlett-Packard in 2010, where she was responsible for global supply chain IT architecture. Her most recent role was SVP, Products and Technology, Global SaaS & IT Operations, at Marsh ClearSight.

Yamini Vellore
Chief Information Officer & Head of Customer Success

Glenn Jones is senior vice president of product management at Blume Global. He has a proven track record of growing businesses by building and leading R&D and product marketing organizations to define, develop, position and sell highly innovative and high value enterprise solutions delivered in the cloud. He was formerly the COO of Sweetbridge and the CTO of Steelwedge Software, and he has held leadership positions at supply chain software companies Elementum, E2Open and i2 Technologies.

Glenn Jones
SVP of Product Management

Niyati Kohler is Blume Global’s senior vice president of strategy of operations. Her duties also include running the CEO office, as chief of staff. Starting her career in supply chain visibility, Kohler worked with leading enterprise software companies like Xerox and Infosys for more than a decade. At Blume Global, she works closely with the CEO to define overall strategy, overseeing execution of strategic initiatives.

Niyati Kohler
SVP of Strategy & Operations

Mark Yong, Blume Global’s MD of APAC and EMEA, came to Blume with significant knowledge and experience in the multimodal transport and infrastructure industry. Yong served as the director of regional development at BMT, where he oversaw the shipping, ports and environmental development activities in the Asia-Pacific region. At INTTRA, he held the titles regional sales director of Greater China, director of professional services and director of global services.

Mark Yong
Managing Director, APAC & EMEA

Sudhir Unnikrishnan, managing director of Blume Global India, joined the company with more than 25 years of experience in finance and operational roles. Prior to joining Blume, Unnikrishnan spent a decade at PWC as a senior finance director, and he also served for five years as a finance director at Manhattan Associates. He has a track record of building offshore centers, and he has extensive leadership experience running efficient operations for the captive units.

Sudhir Unnikrishnan
SVP & Managing Director of India

Santosh Pant is Blume Global’s senior vice president of product development. Pant has more than 22 years of experience in designing and building solutions, with more than 15 years of specific focus on supply chain technology solutions. Among his current duties, he leads technology architecture and product development teams for Blume’s platform and order management, visibility and CarrierGo solutions. Before joining Blume, Pant worked with leading financial technology and consumer product companies.

Santosh Pant
SVP of Product Development
Anders Maudal

Anders Maudal is Blume Global’s vice president of sales for North America. Before joining Blume, he worked for more than 25 years building and leading enterprise sales teams at several global technology companies. Maudal spent 16 years at Oracle, where he had responsibility nationally for Oracle’s enterprise SaaS solutions for supply chain execution and planning, enterprise resource planning and enterprise performance management in several industry verticals.

Anders Maudal
VP Sales, North America


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