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At Blume Global, we are committed to an ethical, purpose-driven supply chain that benefits all parties. A purposeful supply chain is optimized, efficient, effective, responsible and employs environmentally sustainable practices. The potential of an orchestrated, collaborative supply chain that addresses environmental and social challenges is profound.

Blume helps optimize moves to reduce carbon emissions, provides visibility and traceability, empowers small businesses and emerging economies, and orchestrates the delivery of goods where they are needed most. This is the Blume Global promise to our customers and partners.

Pervinder joined Blume Global with a deep and diverse background in supply chain management and technology. He has led top software companies providing innovative solutions to the global supply chain industry as well as managed global supply chain systems for companies such as HP. Leveraging his expertise in AI, Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning and Blockchain, Pervinder is guiding Blume’s next wave of transformative solutions for the Supply Chain Marketplace.

Pervinder Johar
Chief Executive Officer

Mark joined Blume with 20+ years of development, architecture and product management experience in highly competitive technology companies offering both enterprise and consumer software products and services. He has a strong technical background coupled with the ability to drive solutions for customers both building software products and within IT across multiple business domains.

Mark Pluta
Chief Technology Officer

Shabana leads the company’s marketing and business development strategies globally. She brings 20 years of experience in enterprise software marketing, communications, branding, thought leadership and design, including management roles at companies such as SAP, Infosys and Siebel Systems. Her focus and passion are on disrupting competitive landscapes and driving transformation of industries through innovation and thought leadership.

Shabana Khan
Chief Marketing Officer

Yamini leads the customer success, professional services and techops teams at Blume Global. Working with Manhattan Associates beginning in 1992, she rose to the level of VP Global R&D before departing for Hewlett-Packard in 2010, where she was responsible for global supply chain IT architecture. Her most recent role was SVP, Products and Technology, Global SaaS & IT Operations at Marsh ClearSight.

Yamini Vellore
Chief Information Officer & Head of Customer Success

Glenn has a proven track record of growing businesses by building and leading product management/marketing and R&D organizations to define, develop, position, and sell highly innovative and high value enterprise solutions delivered in the cloud. He was formerly the COO of Sweetbridge and the CTO of Steelwedge Software. He also held leadership positions at several other companies, including Elementum and E2Open.

Glenn Jones
Global Vice President, Product Management

Kateryna leads the company’s financial services group as well as sales operations. She has over 15 years of experience in technology companies in both finance and operations. Prior to joining Blume Global, Kateryna worked for Infosys where she was Group Manager of Planning and Assurance. Prior to that, she was Director of Finance with Steelwedge Software, Inc. She earned her M.B.A. degree from Cal State East Bay.

Kateryna Doroshenko
Vice President, Finance

Jeannie Clark joins Blume Global with more than 15 years of experience, most recently from Lookout, a security software company, as Director of People Operations. Prior to that, she held various HR roles at Workday. She has an M.B.A. in Human Resources from San Diego State University and a B.A. in Communications from UC-Davis.

Jeannie Clark
Vice President, Human Resources


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