Pervinder joined Blume Global with a deep and diverse background in supply chain management and technology. He has led top software companies providing innovative solutions to the global supply chain industry as well as managed global supply chain systems for companies such as HP. Leveraging his expertise in AI, Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning and Blockchain, Pervinder is guiding Blume’s next wave of transformative solutions for the Supply Chain Marketplace.

Pervinder Johar
Chief Executive Officer

Marie has over 25 years of experience in leadership positions within the transportation technology industry. Marie started her career at an IMC, gaining a strong understanding of the industry. She joined when the company was founded as REZ-1 in 1994. Marie has served as President since 2000 and successfully led several of the new start-up initiatives.

Marie Colbert

Ritika is responsible for sales and marketing, and responsible for driving strategy and sales operations for Blume Global. Ritika has been an executive leader in technology for the past 20 years in various roles in sales, product, and corporate development at SAP, Deloitte, Infosys, Citibank and Silicon Valley startups focused on defining new sales and business models to transform and deliver new business value to customers. Ritika has an M.B.A. from Leeds Business School, U.K.

Ritika Suri
Chief Business Officer

Mark joined Blume with 20+ years of development, architecture and product management experience in highly competitive technology companies offering both enterprise and consumer software products and services. He has a strong technical background coupled with the ability to drive solutions for customers both building software products and within IT across multiple business domains.

Mark Pluta
Chief Technology Officer

Sharad leads Blume Global’s global supply chain visibility platform team and is driving the delivery of the next generation of Blume solutions – an artificial intelligence and analytics based platform for supply-demand forecasting, end-to-end visibility and smart contracts. Prior to Blume, Sharad held several engineering and IT leadership roles in companies like HP, Oracle and Palm where he delivered various enterprise applications and cloud platforms.

Sharad Mathur
Senior Vice President, Platform Development

Steve has over 30 years of IT experience within global transportation and logistics. Before joining Blume, he served as CTO for IAS, guiding its technology strategy. As CIO at Transamerica Leasing, he positioned the company as a recognized leader in delivering e-commerce solutions. Prior to Transamerica, Steve was Group IT Director for a major UK-based equipment lessor and, earlier, managed systems for a leading international oilfield exploration service company.

Steve Dowse
Senior Vice President, Product Management

Debra brings over 15 years of finance and accounting experience at small start-ups as well as global fortune 1000 companies. She is a CPA versed in cross-functional roles with a strong track record implementing process improvements, cost reductions and central office systems project management.

Debra Garverich
Vice President of Finance and Administration

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