Motor carriers around the world are continuing to rely on manualpaper-based processes to find loads, accept or reject tenders, submit proof of deliveries and invoices. This ultimately prevents them from maximizing business opportunities, optimizing driver usage and collecting payment with minimal disputes. 

As customer demands continue to rise and competition increases in the industry, motor carriers need to innovate in order to further distinguish their customer service and operations. With the right technology all aspects of the supply chain can benefit.  

To solve these challenges motor carriers should embrace a digitized supply chain, allowing them to offer customers more accurate visibility, improve collaboration, manage issues and reach new levels of efficiencyImplementing a digital supply chain will deliver three tremendous benefits to motor carriers:  

Improved Financial Performance
The efficiency of finance applicationssuch as freight audit and paysends completed invoices faster, initiates rate management, enables users to increase revenue by participating in spot markets within a supply chain network and increases driver and fleet efficiency by reducing idle time. We’ve hit a point in the supply chain industry where motor carriers need a range of capabilities that then affect the rest of the organizationaccess to these advanced finance applications is just one element.  

Achieving Operational Efficiency
By bringing automation to traditional processes, motor carriers can minimize the time between load drop-off and payment. This means eliminating manual processes, streamlining transportation order managementincluding the ability to manage contracts digitallyand participating in spot marketplaces. As a result, motor carriers can selectively grow their business by accessing a broader supply chain network. By achieving operational efficiency through automation, motor carriers will also be able to improve their customer service. 

Enhanced Customer Service
Motor carriers must provide real-time visibility to customers, allowing for management by exception with predicted ETA. Without this capability, they will not be able to compete with those who can actually provide proof of delivery and dispatch invoices quickly. It also enables greater collaboration and management of issues across the network. 

Unveiled in September, Blume CarrierGo™ is a free transportation execution platform and mobile application for motor carrier companies and their drivers that enables digital document management, access to new business, automation of the invoicing process and more. With Blume CarrierGo™ motor carriers around the world can optimize their end-to-end operations on a single, no-cost, intuitive platform, offering the support necessary for success.  


Check out the complete capabilities of Blume CarrierGo by visiting Global Trade Magazine and Logistics Management where GVP Product Strategy, Glenn Jones dives into the necessary support motor carriers need to remain as efficient and effective as possible.  


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