by Marisa Martin, Sales Director

Last week I had the opportunity to attend FreightWaves LIVE where the best in class companies came together to discuss the future of the industry. The FreightWaves leadership did a great job of organizing the event and promoting collaboration amongst technology stakeholders. Here are two key insights I gained:


  • The technology is there, now what?

The freight industry has already made large strides in developing AI and machine learning-driven solutions to optimize the supply chain. Now that this technology is available, the question has become, “What can we do to push the envelope” and “How do we move beyond the technologies we’ve created?” The answer to this question will look different for each organization, but innovation is crucial.

  • We need to build a culture of open communication and innovation

Organizations need to continuously strive for positive change and open communication to succeed. During one of the sessions Matt McLelland shared the day-to-day of his role as Innovation Strategist at Covenant Transport and how he has sought to create a culture of innovation. Three ways in which he invests in innovation include: regularly following trends, having open communication with the leadership team about new ideas and listening to people who are going to directly benefit from the product.

I came away from this event challenged to always continue to innovate, whether that is by actively listening to customers or continuing to share insights from trends I notice within the industry and events I attend. Connect with me on LinkedIn and perhaps we can meet at the next industry event.


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