Last week in our Pleasanton headquarters, we hosted our webinar called, “Manual to Digital: Why Freight Digitization Will Save You Time and Lower Costs.” It was led by three of our very own Blumers: Product Marketing Manager, Vidya Narayanan; AVP of Solutions, Dipti Gupta; and LSP Solutions Expert, James Miller.  

In the webinar, Dipti and James spoke from their past experiences working with LSPsTheshared steps these organizations can take to overcome commonly faced challenges in global logistics execution and move towards digitization. The two interesting insights are:   

Competitors within the freight industry are coming from unexpected places,  

In the past five years, there has been a rise in startups with a digital first modelSince these startups began with fully digitized processes, they don’t run into many of the challengeslike manual processes and working with disparate systems—more seasoned organizations often face. In addition, customers are now becoming competitors. Many companies, like Amazon, are now seeking to enter into the logistics business in an attempt to cut costs and earn a greater profit.  More than ever, there is a need for freight forwarders to embrace change in a quick and effective way. 

The biggest barrier to LSPs adopting digitization isn’t the technology itself. 

One commonly held myth is that the complications of incorporating technology is often what prevents organizations from embracing digitization. Yet, more often than not people’s hesitations and fears outweigh the actual process of digitalization. Organizations can leverage existing infrastructure to gradually enhance systems, making digital transformation less of a daunting task. 

The hosts also took time to answer questions. For example, how to get started with implementation and what technologies are most relevant to enable digitalization for LSPs. To learn more about how to move from manual to digital within the freight industry to save time and lower costs, listen to the full webinar here. 

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