From November 5-7, Blume Global’s inaugural thought leadership conference, Envision 2023, took place at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Conference attendees included some of the best and brightest in the supply chain and they were able to enjoy thought-provoking, visionary presentations helping create the building blocks of tomorrow’s supply.

We have gathered our top five takeaways from Envision 2023 to share:

  • Generative AI is here to stay!
    • Generative AI has been discussed feverishly across supply chain and Envision proved no different. As we know, Generative AI has been used in many applications, from generating images, video, audio—even creating coding language! As Paula Natoli, Director Global Industries, Supply Chain & Logistics for Google Cloud, discussed and affirmed in her presentation, AI will be integral in supply chain operations by 2030 and will evolve to optimize the operations and enhance business outcomes.
  • 2050 is far away (but not too far out of reach)
    • It’s true, we don’t know what the world, especially the supply chain landscape will look like come 2050. Dustin Burke, Global Leader of Supply Chain at Boston Consulting Group explained some of the forecasted predictions we can anticipate will be our reality in 2050. He explained the shifting global demographics, such as increased population growth in different areas of the world thanks to technology, such as Africa, and how that will put them in a position of becoming a force in the global supply chain. He also explained some of the anticipated spending shifts across the world to digital products and services.
  • “The Art of Innovation” takes on Supply Chain
    • Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist for Canva and creator of the “Remarkable People Podcast,” proved to us that innovation is a powerful force that can change the world and create meaningful impact. Kawasaki presented his infamous speech to Envision attendees, where he discusses the 10 points of the innovation process, focusing on creating innovative products and services using tactical and practical techniques. In supply chain, Kawasaki’s 10 points can help supply chain players apply innovative principles to their organization to enhance the customer experience, as well as create change in the industry.
  • Have a plan ready for the next 10 years
    • Most supply chain players have already put a plan in place—have you? 2030 is around the corner, and promises of innovation regarding generative AI, as well as changes in the ocean and intermodal industry should encourage companies to work ahead. This especially concerns cybersecurity and making sure companies have a plan in place to respond to threats as the supply chain relies more on digitization.
  • Supply chain players need to embrace change
    • As logistics leaders, it is important to continue to look to embracing change and infusing operations with creative thinking, solutions and always prioritizing the customer. Making the customer journey smoother, efficient, and overall enjoyable will provide companies with invaluable ROI. Working together and embracing emerging technologies helps companies stay committed to delivering unparalleled service!

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