The state of the supply chain has been influenced by many factors in the last few years. From rising global inflation on commodities, labor shortages, and unreliable lead time for manufacturing and delivery, it begs the question: How can we work to create efficiency and visibility in the supply chain?

Supply chain leaders agree—it all starts with data. Digitization is a big word, but with clean, accurate and up-to date data inside siloes and throughout the supply chain, one can achieve visibility and control of their supply chain and manage exceptions.

Dana Incorporated, a leading supplier of full, integrated drivetrain and electrified propulsion systems for all passenger vehicles, came to Blume over a decade ago in need of assistance managing their operations across their disconnected systems. From then, they have achieved data integration, quality, the launch of their tooling library and order management.

Experienced industry experts Chris Dawson, Senior Manager, Purchasing & Analytics from Dana Incorporated, François d'Ivernois, AVP of Business Development, Blume Global and Prashanth B, Senior Product Marketing Manager from Blume Global share valuable lessons from their extensive experience at their respective companies.

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Driving Efficiency and Visibility in Your Supply Chain

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