by Dr. Mark Yong, Managing Director of APAC

Friday, February 21 marks the official grand opening of our regional Hong Kong office. We are excited to begin the expansion of our presence within a region filled with our customers and potential partners. At the celebration for our grand opening, the Director General of Invest Hong Kong will make a short speech as well as Esther Yau, the CSG Manager of Asia Pacific.

As the gateway to China, and a large commercial and financial hub for Asia, Hong Kong plays a key role within the supply chain industry. By selecting Hong Kong as the location for this regional office, we can support the many multimodal organizations stationed in the region.

Apart from the business opportunities we are pursuing, there are many opportunities to explore in terms of building up our multimodal ecosystem. An office in Hong Kong is also conveniently located, as most countries we currently serve in the region are a short flight away. In addition to the educated workforce, Hong Kong has a very open business environment with strong intellectual property and data law protection, which is paramount for a technology-based company like Blume Global.

Currently, our core Client Services Group and I are based out of this office. Our team is made up of a group of collaborative and talented individuals. Collectively, we are able to speak various Chinese dialects, English, Japanese, Bahasa, Vietnamese and some limited European languages. Adding our India team into the mix, we cover most of the Asia Pacific languages.

I look forward to continuing to build our team and to all the new opportunities that will come with having a Blume Global office in Hong Kong!

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