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CPKC Chooses Blume Asset Management Solution to Expand Market Equipment Availability in North America
The beginning of Blume Global

In September 2018, REZ-1 officially became Blume Global and brought to power a new supply chain era. Our Marketing Manager, Tara Tate, partnered closely with the executive team to determine the visual identity of Blume Global and implement the brand across the company. She was involved in everything from conversations around our new name and logo, to project managing and determining the direction for our new website.

Tara T.
Marketing Manager

One highlight from this past year was when the website launched and we were able to see the tangible fruits of our labor: new leads generated, customers visiting our website and downloading the assets that we put together. Overall, people are enjoying the new content and brand; our web traffic increased exponentially this past year.

Building out the Blume Digital Platform

Along with the launch of Blume Global, came the development of advanced technologies to empower our customers to successfully execute and gain real-time visibility across their supply chain network. Building on over 25 years of data, Blume solutions has used the latest innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence to digitize end-to-end supply chain operations. Solutions Consultant Sherie Costa has been at the front-end of conversations about product developments with customers.

Sherie C.
Solutions Consultant

Our existing customers, some who’ve been with us for the past 25 years, are excited about the developments we’re working towards for advanced analytics, including matching reload opportunities and updating a predictive ETA, which are cost saving endeavors for both LSPs and railroads.

New Customers

In addition, Blume has been able to attract new customers who are already seeing the value of our platform. Senior Business Solutions Analyst Jim Branecki works primarily with these customers and has seen how product developments are responding directly to challenges within the supply chain industry.

Jim B.
Sr. Business Solutions Analyst

In the last year, we’ve updated all our products to be more cohesive and focus on the end-to-end supply chain so that wherever or whoever you are in the supply chain, we have a solution to help address some of your business challenges. We’re moving towards the future and that’s what excites customers, the fact that we’re applying machine learning and new technology like AI to help them make better decisions and save money.

The growing buzz around Blume

After launching Blume Global and our new solutions, we saw our efforts yield tangible results. Inside Sales Manager Kyle Vamvouris leads the business development team and has seen up close how these developments have helped to build our brand awareness within the industry.

Kyle V.
Inside Sales Manager

Our presence in the marketplace has noticeably increased and what has driven that is our marketing efforts and attendance at various trade shows where a lot of people are seeing our name. We’ve done a great job of educating people that we are now Blume Global and have leading solutions, which has put us on people’s radar.

Bluming with new employees

As we continued to grow our brand, product, and customer base, there was a need to bring on more Blumers. In this past year we’ve hired over 100 new employees throughout our offices in Pleasanton, Chicago, Wellesley, Hong Kong, and even within the EMEA region. Senior People Operations Manager Lindsay White leads the day to day HR operations at Blume and has headed the hiring efforts this past year.

Lindsay W.
Sr. People Operations Manager

We’ve grown significantly this past year. From when we first moved into this beautiful office space in Pleasanton to now seeing it filled with talented employees, it’s been an exciting time to be here at Blume.

What’s next

Though much has been accomplished this last year, it just marks the beginning of what we’ve started. With one year in the books, we here at Blume Global can’t wait for what’s to come next!

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow out our team, keep the momentum, and further build out the culture to keep employees excited to come to work.

Lindsay White

A lot of what we’ve done this year is planting the seed and what’ll be our job this next year is turning those seeds into trees.

Kyle Vamvouris

There’s been an increase in enthusiasm within the company as a whole in this past year. The idea that we are all in line to make Blume grow is what makes it an exciting time to be here.

Tara Tate