Blume Maps

Blume Maps, a digital twin of the supply chain world, makes planning a freight shipment’s route and changing course during the journey if problems arise as natural as using a navigation app during a family road trip.



Know how long it will take for your order to reach each destination.


Continuously updated ETAs with alerts when your orders are early or late.


Find alternate modes and routes when your order is in jeopardy of meeting your commitment date.

Blume Maps


A Digital Twin of the Supply Chain World

Shippers and 3PLs rely on Blume Maps to generate accurate lead times, real-time shipment location and ETAs. The solution can also provide alternative modes, carriers and routes when shipments are behind schedule, enabling unrivaled supply chain planning and execution with end-to-end visibility throughout the world. Blume Maps feeds Blume’s lead time and dynamic ETA engine from an ever-growing database of over 1.5 million global locations, ocean voyages, train journeys, flights and over-the-road moves (first and last mile) curated over decades.

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