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Blume Global uniquely enables IMCs to market and manage assets while also executing moves and collaborating with carriers across road and rail. Blume is the only company that pairs exhaustive, end-to-end supply chain visibility with intermodal execution, enabling customers to course correct when issues arise in the most complex part of their supply chain.  Efficient and effective operations—fueled by Blume Global solutions—are critical to keeping up with ever-increasing demand and maintaining a high level of customer service.

Pain Points

Blume supply chain solutions combat IMC pain points

• You need end-to-end, real-time supply chain visibility across all modes of transportation to accurately report real-time status updates and provide timely PoDs.
• To meet your ever-increasing capacity needs, maintaining and growing capacity with your motor carrier partners is an absolute must. Blume’s established and connected drayage network, CarrerGo Live, creates plug-and-play access to capacity.
• When working with many motor carrier partners that each have their own technology solutions and levels of maturity, having a streamlined and standardized process is key.
• When complex payables processes with extended cycle times between time of service to being paid by multiple shippers can take as long as 60 to 90 days, it’s clear you need a faster and simpler payables solution.
• You’ll want to leverage advanced technologies to eliminate manual processes that are labor-intensive and put a strain on internal IT resources.
• Decentralized and fragmented models for account management and manual motor carrier scorecard entry, among other processes, only leave room for error.

How do Blume Global solutions help solve these issues?


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