Blume Global Announces Ambassador Program for Trucking Industry

Program Recognizes Trucking Companies Around the World for Advancing the Supply Chain Industry

PLEASANTON, Calif. — August 26, 2020 — Blume Global, a leader in global logistics and digital supply chain solutions which delivers the only cloud-first, intelligent operating platform to orchestrate global supply chain processes, today announced the launch of the Blume Global Ambassador Program, developed to recognize Blume partners and customers that represent some of the most innovative and customer focused trucking companies in the supply chain community who are committed to advancing the industry leveraging technology.

The inaugural members of the Blume Ambassador Program include: Alltrans, C&N Deliveries, Cargo Express International, Cougar Couriers, JAS Trucking, Lovatt Transport, MV Hudarin Service and United Freight & Logistics. Ambassadors are selected based on their outstanding reputations in the shipping community, strong partnerships with their customers, and their ability to meet or exceed reporting and on-time delivery performance metrics. Blume Global Ambassadors are industry thought leaders and provide crucial feedback to the Blume product development team on trends, challenges, and successes they and their counterparts face in day-to-day operations.

“The right technology has the capability to transform a business. Blume Global provides JAS Trucking  and our customers the tools we need to succeed in an industry that is evolving and adapting to a new digital landscape,” said John Madison from JAS Trucking. “While we have experienced and seen significant change during the 20+ years JAS Trucking has been in business, the value that Blume provides, including electronic document management, automatic invoicing and access to new business, is key to us remaining competitive in the trucking and supply chain industries. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come.”

“Blume Global Ambassadors have proven their commitment to advancing the shipping industry and supply chain community as a whole by leveraging technology to digitize their part in the supply chain ecosystem. Ninety percent of trucking companies worldwide have less than 30 trucks and lack the resources to digitize their operations,” said Pervinder Johar, CEO Blume Global. “We have made it our mission to provide them with the technology they need to improve operations, enhance visibility throughout the supply chain journey, and strengthen relationships between the trucking industry and the customers and facilities they rely on.”

Blume Global recognizes the significant role that trucking companies play in international freight not only in the movement of goods, but also in providing visibility needed to enable shippers to understand and address risks. The Blume platform enables customers — from shippers to 3PL’s to ocean carriers — to have a single point of connectivity to their domestic and international network of trucking companies. Similarly, the trucking companies have the same single connectivity to all of their customers.

Blume CarrierGo™, used by many of the Ambassadors, provides thousands of trucking companies with the ability to digitize their operations enabling more efficient use of assets, communicating digitally with customers to accept tenders, manage documents, schedule appointments, provide real-time tracking with electronic proof of delivery and send digital invoices.

Built on decades of market leadership in international and domestic multi-modal logistics, Blume Global partners with ocean carriers, air cargo carriers, trucking companies, railroads, marine terminals, airports, rail ramps and warehouses in over 130 countries to ensure freight moves in an efficient, predictable and highly visible way. Visit for the current list of Blume Ambassadors and more information on becoming involved with the program.


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