Blume Global Announces Premium Offering for Trucking Companies, Empowering Companies of All Sizes to Digitize Their Business

Blume CarrierGo™ Premium Enables the Entire Trucking Market to Access New Business, Electronically Communicate with Customers and Drivers, and Increase Efficiency

PLEASANTON, Calif. — August 19, 2020 — Blume Global, which delivers the only cloud-first, intelligent operating platform, today released Blume CarrierGo™ Premium to elevate the entire global trucking industry. The solution gives trucking companies of all sizes the ability to digitize their operations for a low cost, helping them become a carrier of choice and more easily access new business.

Expanding upon Blume CarrierGo, which was built on Blume Dispatch Manager, Blume CarrierGo Premium provides all trucking companies, including those not a part of the Blume network, an opportunity to receive and manage tenders from customers outside of the Blume network.

Blume CarrierGo Premium enables trucking companies to digitize their business and manage their end-to-end business operations. Built to empower small trucking companies, Blume CarrierGo Premium enables these carriers to run their business more efficiently and connect electronically back to their customers and to their drivers. Blume CarrierGo Premium is particularly effective with trucking companies who pick-up and deliver cargo to and from airports, seaports, rail ramps and distribution centers.

“Blume CarrierGo enabled C&N Deliveries to employ capabilities that were previously inaccessible to us as a smaller trucking company. The digitization of processes such as receiving and responding to tenders, scheduling appointments, invoicing, and providing status of cargo have led to increased operational efficiency and improved customer and driver experiences,” said Nicole Clemons, Business Manager and Owner of C&N Deliveries LLC. “We are confident that Blume CarrierGo Premium has the potential to further serve as a gateway to interact with larger shippers and increase a company's presence in the market.”

“One of our core values as a company is to democratize technology — making it accessible to the entire supply chain ecosystem” said Pervinder Johar, CEO, Blume Global. “By creating Blume CarrierGo Premium, we are empowering trucking companies of all sizes with the ability to digitize their operations at a low cost, helping them become their customer’s carrier of choice and more easily access new business opportunities.”

According to the American Trucking Association, over 90% of the US trucking market has six or fewer trucks. Smaller trucking companies face several obstacles, including limited business opportunities, difficulties in communicating with their customers and drivers, competition from larger trucking companies with more robust networks and high costs associated with digitization.

The trucking market often faces a strain in capacity due to constant changes in demand, making small trucking companies particularly vulnerable to increasing costs and loss of business. COVID-19 has particularly hurt these smaller carriers who are less capable of bouncing back from disruption due to their manual processes and limited customer network. With Blume CarrierGo Premium, even smaller companies can compete on an equal playing field in regard to cost and service level.

In addition, Blume CarrierGo Premium enables trucking companies to reduce empty miles while they go from load to load. By gaining connectivity to the larger Blume network, trucking companies can receive work orders while on route to pick up a full load. Blume CarrierGo currently supports 22 languages and is used by over 9,000 trucking companies in over 130 countries.


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