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Use a single point of communication with over 7,000 motor carriers in over 100 countries, who are already communicating on the platform through mobile, API, EDI and/or web to process millions of events.

Automate Complex Transactions

Store and automatically populate contract-based rates between organizations while creating an auditable record, eliminate manual communication and streamline the payment process.

Analyze Your Business

Customizable views and dashboards let you easily analyze your business, manage partnerships and monitor KPIs, such as motor carrier performance, average dwell time or equipment usage.

Optimize Your Fleet

Increase asset utilization and optimize your transportation fleet through recommended opportunities to match loads by time, distance and cost savings.

Track Shipments in Real-Time

Enjoy end-to-end, real-time shipment visibility for the elusive first- and last-mile pickups, delivery milestones, shipment status updates, location tracking and verified proof-of-delivery for every move, every mode, every mile.

Empower Your Drivers

Extend the platform to your drivers with our mobile app, which is available in 22 languages, and enables drivers to receive jobs, search pickup and delivery addresses, track progress and capture milestone events anywhere in the world.

A Real-Time Digital Supply Chain Platform

Blume Digital Platform enables supply chain pioneers and visionaries to manage their trading partnerships and get real-time visibility to drive efficiency, customer satisfaction and growth. In an era of increasing customer demands, ongoing technical disruptions and consumer demands for transparency and ethics, our platform is not only open, but is also neutral amongst participants.

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Blume Digital Platform is the industry-leading, real-time network that connects and uplifts the entire supply chain ecosystem. Beyond bringing efficiencies and automating repetitive tasks, Blume Digital Platform brings data from multiple sources to drive predictive capabilities in demand, real-time visibility into inventory, collaboration or co-innovation across trading partners, precision around availability or real-time status of orders, smart contracts and managing by exception—executed and enabled through our solutions to drive growth and value for customers.

Blume Digital Platform Logistics Providers Delivery OrdersPre-AlertsTracking EventsPredictive ETASmart ExceptionManagementDrayage Triangulation Terminals, Depots, DC Pre-AlertsSmart Exception ManagementGate EventsStatus UpdatesRPA–Based Automation Equipment Providers Inventory VisibilityEquipment Usage BillingReservationsRepair and MaintenanceDemand Planning Smart Devices Real-Time TrackingSensors (temp, weight, etc.) Surface Transport Delivery OrdersSmart Exception ManagementStatus UpdatesProof of DeliveryGate EventsRPA–Based AutomationDrayage Triangulation