Centralized Reservation System

Manage reservations, allotments, invoicing, and settlements through a user-friendly online platform. Gain end-to-end asset visibility and optimize asset utilization with real-time data. Empower your customers with access to schedules for efficient planning.

Advanced Asset Repositioning

Leverage AI and machine learning to optimize asset allocation and minimize empty miles. Gain real-time visibility into equipment availability and forecast demand for efficient container positioning.

IoT Sensor Integration

Gain real-time insights into equipment health with Blume's device agnostic platform. It seamlessly integrates with various IoT sensors, capturing location, temperature, humidity, and other critical data ensuring reduced assessorial costs and better monitoring.

Domestic Reloads and Street Turns

Eliminate empty miles and reduce your carbon footprint. Optimize container utilization by matching inbound loads with outbound shipments, seamlessly aligning with intermodal carrier needs.

Appointment Scheduling

Eliminate terminal congestion and ensure on-time deliveries. Facilitate efficient appointment scheduling, streamlining gate operations and expediting cargo movement.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Reduce downtime and get your asset back on track faster. Blume Global’s maintenance solution provides improved visibility and collaboration, streamlining the entire repair process.

Blume Global’s Asset Management Solution is utilized by Class 1 Railroads in the US

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