Schedule performance

Compare the carrier provided estimates with Blume predicted dates augmented by carrier reliability scores.

Comprehensive schedules

Get crucial details such as cut-off, documentation cut-off, equipment receipt date etc.

Intuitive user interface

Effectively search across lanes & carriers by various parameters


Blume Schedule Intelligence

Blume is the only platform to provide access to accurate, updated schedule information for Ocean, Air, and Interline Rail Schedules which enables improved planning and seamless execution. Blume is the system of record for the North American interline rail schedules. Blume’s Schedule intelligence uses heuristics and the current situation to provide schedule accuracy leading to on-time performance statistics that can be used during shipment planning.

Schedule Reliability: Schedule Reliability is the timeliness indicator of the shipment journey based on historical

Carrier Transit time and Reliability: Blume captures transit time published by the carrier and the reliability score for the number of shipments is on schedule for the global shipments

Blume’s predicted Transit Time: Blume calculates this by observing the predicted travel time, wait time, turnaround time, and other delays at each of the stops in the shipment journey during the timeframe defined by the user

CO2 Emissions: Blume also provides insight into the carbon footprint for different schedules and carriers

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