Blume Global-Fenix Marine VIP Terminal Services

With today’s super post-Panamax vessels carrying more than 15,000 TEU, it can take in excess of 4 days from vessel port-of-call until your cargo is available for pickup. When ports are congested during peak season or resulting from natural or political events, it can take even longer, making order due dates impossible to meet.

Blume Global, the leading provider of international transportation management and supply chain visibility solutions, has partnered with Fenix Marine Services at the Port of Los Angeles to offer a suite of VIP terminal solutions. The collaboration enables ocean freight forwarders and BCOs to reduce port congestion, streamline container retrieval and expedite container retrieval.

The suite of VIP Services helps customers save time and money by enabling them to precisely tailor the delivery of their most critical cargo through an advanced appointment scheduling process. This program will allow customers to decide the level of urgency to schedule the pickup of their containers.

For a limited time, access Fenix Express push appointments absolutely free.

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