Blume Global’s Appointment Scheduling System has officially launched for Norfolk Southern Railway’s Austell, GA terminal, marking the transition from a wheeled operation to a stacked operation. Beginning March 19, Norfolk Southern now requires truckers to make an appointment to pick up import loads.  

Blume’s solution is a direct answer to a common issue at grounded intermodal terminals. Typically, container pick-up and drop-off is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and with no match between crane capacity and pick up times, drayage carriers can experience prolonged wait times.  

How does it work? 

Blume Appointment Scheduling System matches capacity of the crane to incoming traffic and allow motor carriers to make an appointment to pick up their selected container, improving the drayage carrier experience and flow of shipments through a facility. Six electric overhead cranes will manage Austell’s stack of containers. 

Blume Appointment Scheduling System will allow location owners and operators to configure appointment windows, define constraints based on multiple parameters, manage users and communicate with their user base. It will also enable customers to add their containers, track when they are ready for appointment and make appointments for pick-up, drop-off, and dual missions. 

What's next for appointment scheduling? 

Now rolling out in Memphis and Austell, Norfolk Southern is looking to implement Blume Appointment Scheduling System in Chicago in its Landers terminal where the railroad handles ocean containers. The Landers terminal has been reportedly plagues with efficiency issues, and the solution is sure to bring fluidity to Chicago’s operations. 

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