The supply chain is a complex ecosystem, dependent on both small and large players to ensure that goods are delivered, and consumers’ demands are met. Within this ecosystem, small trucking companies are integral players that are often struggling to meet these expectations and even stay in business. However, in the US trucking market, trucking companies with six or fewer trucks represent 90% of carriers.

As digitization becomes more accessible, customers no longer want to deal with paper and manual processes that take up their time and resources. Large trucking companies are equipped to meet these demands, with most having access to technology that delivers continuous updates and allows them to communicate with their customers at every point of their shipment’s journey.

The Value of Investing in Technology for Small Trucking Companies

Small trucking companies have to digitize their operations at a minimum to solve the challenges they face. There are several direct ways that investing in technology now can help small trucking companies be better prepared for the future.

Investing in technology helps small trucking companies streamline logistics processes and save on hidden costs. Previously, this type of technology was limited to large, high-profit trucking businesses. The rise of cloud computing platforms like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and multi-tenant software like Blume CarrierGo enables the democratization of technology enabling trucking software available to the smallest owner-operator trucking company for a low cost and easy onboarding.

How CarrierGo Premium Empowers Trucking Companies

In the face of this landscape, we launched Blume CarrierGo™ Premium with the purpose of empowering small trucking companies with easy access technology. Based on a single digital platform, Blume CarrierGo Premium is a solution for drayage motor carriers worldwide and their drivers to effectively manage end-to-end business operations.

Customer and Order Management

With Blume CarrierGo Premium, dispatch managers gain the ability to manage all their customer information and orders on a single platform. They are also enabled to expand their business by digitizing their work order management and more easily participating in a spot market within their network and the broader Blume network.

Automate Invoicing, Payments and Manual Processes

By onboarding Blume CarrierGo Premium, dispatch owners can automatically generate invoices, pre-approve unanticipated accessorial fees, and fuel surcharges to reduce or eliminate freight audit time enabling faster approval of invoices and lower risk of payment delays. To meet the demands of customers and save time, dispatch owners can also eliminate the reliance on paper and other manual processes to accept or reject, execute moves, and invoice customers.

Driver Manager

In addition, Blume CarrierGo Premium enables dispatch owners to manage all of their customers and stay connected with their drivers and automatically assign work orders to individual drivers through our mobile app. Through alerts and visibility into their driver’s locations on our desktop application, dispatch owners also gain real-time updates on their drivers, allowing them to run their business more efficiently.

Blume CarrierGo Premium App

Through Blume CarrierGo Premium’s mobile app, drivers benefit from gaining the ability to communicate electronically with their dispatcher, from reporting milestone events all the way to capturing proof of delivery on the glass while on-the-go.

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Blume CarrierGo Premium is the TMS designed to accelerate your journey to becoming truly digital. Based on a single digital platform, Blume CarrierGo Premium is a solution for drayage motor carriers worldwide and their drivers to effectively manage end-to-end business operations. Start a free trial today here. 

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