The Blume Digital Operating Platform rapidly digitizes manual supply chain processes, democratizing technology for even the smallest supply chain stakeholders and allowing them to forge a path through disruption. 

This year, Blume’s platform has been increasingly helpful for companies looking to streamline their supply chains, adjust to remote-work realities and cut costs amid economic pressures. The coronavirus pandemic began impacting businesses throughout the United States in March, but shutdowns associated with stopping the spread of COVID started to impact global supply chains in late 2019. As the world has adapted to living with the virus for the past year, supply chain stakeholders have relied on the agility, and the flexibility, of their internal processes.  

Blume Global has worked with logistics companies and carriers around the globe to keep supply chains runningBlume Global uses data, collected in real time, to create tailored solutions that not only give customers access to unrivaled visibility, but provide exception-motivated actions to keep cargo moving efficiently, on time and at a cost savings.  

“As COVID-19 developed, the supply chain ecosystem was quickly disrupted, resulting in far-reaching consequences for companies and people around the world,” said Chris Luebbers, assistant vice president of Norfolk Southern Corporation. “Throughout the period of rapid shifts in supply and demand, companies struggled to maintain their standard of operations. However, Norfolk Southern’s use of Blume Global digital solutions enabled us to continue providing our services to our customers during this tumultuous time as we all transitioned to a remote workforce.” 

End-to-end shipment visibility, coupled with the ability to reroute and adapt to shipment issues, have helped logistics companies create robust supply chain plans. With Blume Visibility, OL MOVE by OL USA gives its customers detailed reports and consolidated logins for better visibility to data.  

“We partnered with Blume to create a customer platform that is powerful enough to deliver true end-to-end visibility, alerts, and deep analytics critical to maximizing business efficiency,” said Alan Baer, President of OL USA. “In this unpredictable time, OL MOVE has functioned exactly as expected – a testament to Blume’s robust development and value as a reliable partner. The clear first mile/last mile detail and shipment mapping have been key advantages as we work with customers to dynamically reroute and control cargo. 

Blume can map carrier shipments with such accuracy due to data from more than 1.3 million global locations, history on ocean voyages, train journeys, flights, and first- and last-mile over-the-road moves curated over the past 26 years, combined with data defining the current environment. All that information continuously feeds Blume's machine-learning enabled lead time and ETA engine. 

While Norfolk Southern and OL USA found success in innovative supply chain technology, it’s important to note that companies promising transformative solutions are not created equal. Supply chain stakeholders, regardless of mode, should reflect on their business needs and choose decision-making solutions that will prepare them for future disruption. It is truly difficult in the current environment to accurately investigate available solutions, but it is important that carriers, shippers, 3PLs, and others commit to the necessary research to uncover reliable, neutral digital technology partner as soon as their business permits.  

The supply chain industry is facing a significant inflection point, and in response, organizations need digitally empowered supply chain execution platforms that leverage data to efficiently make informed decisions. Blume offers a decision-making system, as opposed to a system that simply supports decisions, that detects logistics opportunities for clients, allowing them to forge a path through disruption. Customers already on the Blume Platform were able to navigate the disruption of COVID with more ease than those that have not fully digitized their supply chains.  


The Blume Digital Operating Platform is the only cloud-first, real-time platform that connects, and uplifts the entire supply chain execution ecosystem. The platform is highly scalable, flexible, and secure. With features including high availability and elastic computing, the Blume Digital Operating Platform can reliably host complex analytics, artificial intelligence, and optimization algorithms while providing fast UI and API response times. 



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