Track Your Shipments

Gain multi-mode transport visibility (road, ocean, rail, air) for domestic and international shipments.

Visualize All Your Data

View a dashboard and visualizations for exceptions, opportunities, and hot item arrival monitoring and KPI’s all in one place.

Stay on Top of Your Deliveries

Access report analytics, on-time deliveries, logistics provider performance and compliance.


Address Exceptions in Real-Time

Focus on Opportunities and Issues Which Have the Biggest Business Impact Your logistics operations personnel and your customers manage 100’s to 1,000’s of shipments every day. They need a system that enables them to focus on opportunities and issues with the largest business impact. With Blume’s management by exception, users are alerted when Blume detects potential opportunities and exceptions based on your defined business rules. You and your customers can also access a dashboard where you can view and manage opportunities, exceptions, and hot shipments.

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