By Ritika Suri, Chief Business Officer 

With free and fast shipping from retail giants like Walmart and Amazon, consumers have been conditioned more than ever to expect that their packages will be delivered quickly and painlessly.

But have you ever wondered what it takes for a package to go from your favorite retailer to your front porch?

It all starts with their supply chains. But to have reliable and efficient supply chains, companies first must establish a strong supply chain ecosystem on which to base them. A supply chain ecosystem includes everything from the retailer to the technology it uses and the shippers it partners with to move a product from point A to B.

The Importance of a Strong Supply Chain Ecosystem

It’s critical to build partnerships with leading technology providers that enable seamless communications and ensure the integrity of the supply chain. This strong ecosystem ensures a smooth process from the time a product leaves the manufacturer’s warehouse all the way to when the shipment arrives at the final location.

What Does It Take to Create a Successful Supply Chain Ecosystem?

It starts with knowing what the desired end result is. When selecting companies to join an ecosystem, the companies must align their values, mission and business goals. Together, they need to determine how they want to measure the partnership upfront and set goals to help achieve those mutually agreed upon results. The goals should be prescriptive, transparent and demonstrate proof of value. Trust and convenience are critical to adoption and the processes, agile and adaptable to changing business and economic needs, especially in times of volatility.

Our Growing Supply Chain Ecosystem

At Blume Global, we continue to be laser-focused on building our network of networks and growing and maintaining valuable partnerships like those with technology partners, system integrators, and market influencers. These partnerships extend the benefits of our customers’ existing investments in their enterprise applications, which are used to power their supply chains’ digital transformation.

Read about our partnerships with Oracle, Infosys and SAP

We believe in a heterogeneous global supply chain ecosystem that is open, collaborative, purposeful and focused on value creation for all participants, from the first mile to the last mile and everywhere in between. For nearly 25 years, we’ve worked hard to build a trusted execution platform in supply chain and logistics in over 98 countries across 1,400 offices with 300+ intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) and 6,000+ motor carriers to process over $1 billion in annual transactions for customers with 99.99 percent billing accuracy.

Each time we evaluate partners for our ever-growing ecosystem, we look at our potential partner’s brand, values, reach and scalability. Our ecosystem ultimately extends the unparalleled value of Blume Digital Platform and our logistics execution network to support the needs of the modern on-demand economy.

The network effect from our strong ecosystem of partners benefits everyone participating in the network, including our customers and their customers. And this trust and reputation is what makes getting packages delivered at next-day speed possible.

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