By Dave Katona, Partner Ecosystems and Channels at Blume Global

I’m thrilled to share that Blume Global has joined the Americas’ SAP User Group (ASUG) as a Partner. ASUG is the country’s largest community of SAP professionals, representing more than 2,300 companies in traditional and emerging industries.

The supply chain ecosystem is intricate and broad, spanning dozens of players and transactions, as goods move from sourcing materials through transport and manufacturing to international shipping and final distribution to retailers. Blume Global is working to get closer to all the ecosystem’s constituents by aggressively building out our partner programs—including software and implementation agreements—for the benefit of our customers, their trading partners and service providers.

Our membership in ASUG is our first relationship with a software user group—the first of which I hope to be many. As we build out the Blume Digital Platform, we’re actively embracing ways to connect more tightly with this ecosystem. Global supply chains rely on SAP, as the company touts that “77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system.”

I’ve led partner teams within various organizations, including SAP, for more than 20 years and I can tell you that at Blume Global, we do things differently. Blume Global is empowering a new era of supply chain innovators and models to deliver products and services more efficiently and effectively globally.

25 years ago, Blume Global created the most extensive, cloud-based, transportation and logistics network available. SAP has a 40-year history and an incredible commitment to the cloud. With this combination, SAP customers can use the intelligence from our network to enable their agile supply chains to move the proverbial needle from a fixed lead time to a dynamic lead time. I’m excited that ASUG members can see how easily we can solve a decades-old problem in transportation, logistics and supply chain.

Joining this organization will help Blume Global develop complementary solutions for SAP to best meet their business goals and exact the greatest return on their SAP investment. We also plan to help these members actively shape SAP’s product and service offerings through ASUG’s Influence programs. And we’re looking forward to getting to know members at ASUG events, chapter meetings and special-interest group sessions.

Blume solutions are powered by emerging technologies like AI, ML and blockchain. Combined with SAP’s successful legacy and commitment to the cloud, we see great opportunity to jointly provide value quickly for all SAP customers.

Stay tuned for more exciting partnership news as we continue to expand our platform and network.

Read the full press release here.

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