Shippers that lack a reliable supply chain technology platform are navigating a turbulent world blind. Collaborating with the right supply chain technology provider gives you logistics agility and execution while providing end-to-end visibility, no matter the mode. You’ll always see a crystal-clear picture of the logistics ecosystem.  

Many shippers have already partnered with a supply chain execution technology provider, but it can be hard to know if the partnership is paying dividendsWithout a digital operating platform that is always two steps ahead of your needs (something that is only available from an R&D-focused company), how can you know that you are meeting your customer satisfaction and revenue objectives in the most efficient way? 

Shippers like you should fully embrace collaboration with a company that provides modern international and domestic freight transportation management and visibility from order to fulfillment. End-to-end transparency with the ability to take action to take advantage of opportunities and resolve issues across the entire order lifecycle gives shippers the gift of logistics agility, allowing them to meet constantly changing customer demands and adapt to order and logistics challenges while future-proofing their logistics processes.  

Why should you partner with a technology provider? 

At Blume Global, a high-tech supplier came to us asking for a solution that would encompass an Amazon-like experience. Additional visibility requests followed: Can we provide a global, end-to-end visibility dashboard with drill-down capability so the shipper can be proactive when shipments are in trouble? Can we be notified of and understand challenges before they become catastrophic problems? Can we take highly predictable transportation lead times into account when committing to customers, establishing aggressive safety stock levels, and placing purchase orders?  

Finally, the customer asked Blume to connect its inventory system to the tracking solution as a way to reduce air freight. The company believes substantial savings will result if its inventory system tracks usage and the transport system aligns the transit to match the actual take rate of inventory.  

Blume Global had the solutions to all their requests and more. Armed with the right visibility processes, the shipper now recognizes revenue more correctly, potentially reducing cash-to-cash cycle times. The customer is also using Blume to test the theory that better tracking and execution to tracking will yield more sales and associated revenue. 

These innovations, many of them industry firsts, were only possible due to a partnership between the customer and Blume’s forward-thinking, innovative team. The supply chain technology provider offers unrivaled international and domestic visibility solutions across all modes and from there can tailor solutions, or create new tools, to target business needs. Collaboration is key.   

During the pandemic, companies that were not running digitized order, transportation, and supply chain visibility processes have had to quickly adopt technologies in order to secure manufacturing and transportation capacity and provide their customers order and transportation visibility with the ability to adapt to changes. True end-to-end visibility gives shippers, 3PLs, and other logistics providers a better view of the supply chain, also providing transparency into the first- and last-mile steps in the process. But as a consumer of visibility solutions, it’s important to parse the promises from providers to get a very clear idea of what each supply chain technology company is offering. 

Should you switch technology providers?  

At the core of any innovative, R&D-focused company is a commitment to reliability and an understanding of what solutions truly bring value to customers. When companies have a dedication to research and development, you benefit from the latest freight transportation technology solutions that are fully supported, as new features are constantly being added.   

Leading-edge logistics technology providers are experts in digitizing processes. Blume Global works with its customers to design and deploy high-value digital solutions that enable superior logistics planning and execution. Blume Global has experience innovating, developing, and deploying technology-enabled solutions across many shippers and 3PLs operating in all modes. 

Unfortunately, many supply chain technology providers aren’t committed to adapting their products as new solutions become available, and they do not worry when the innovation stops. When partnering with these companies, you can tell that their offerings will quickly become expensive and difficult-to-maintain legacy systems.  

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