During this uncertain time as we are all impacted by COVID-19, we wanted to pause to acknowledge all the people who are working hard to care for those in need and keep goods moving in the supply chain.

Thank you to all the healthcare workers who are putting themselves at the frontline of this crisis daily and putting their own lives at risk to care for those in need. Their commitment to continue to care and treat the people who step through the hospital doors every day is one of the core things keeping our country afloat.

We wanted to also thank all the people — from the LSPs to the carriers, to the shippers, and so many more — who are working hard to make sure supplies are able to go where they are needed. Thank you for making sure our hospitals, grocery stores and pharmacies are stocked with supplies for our families. Another special thanks to all the trucking community that is continuing to keep the supply chain intact by driving countless miles.

Below we've shared some posts we saw on social media this week highlighting the hard work everyone is continuing to do

As we continue to face these challenges, we are committed to the wellbeing of our employees, customers and communities.

Blume Global’s response to Covid-19.

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