Supply Chain Technology Solution Expedites Ocean Cargo at the Second Largest Container Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles  

PLEASANTON, Calif. — March 1, 2021Blume Global, a leader in global logistics and digital supply chain solutions, has developed an innovative, expedited VIP platform for Fenix Marine Terminal customers in the Port of Los Angeles.

Fenix Marine Services is the marine terminal operator at Pier 300, one of the largest container terminals at the busiest container port in the Western Hemisphere. It operates on 292 acres, supporting more than 1.2 million annual lifts and an annual capacity of 2.9 million TEUs.

Together, Blume Global and FMS co-innovated a solution to increase expedited truck turn times and provide differentiated services for clientele within the Blume Global supply chain ecosystem. The unique expedited terminal service offering will be based on optimized terminal delivery algorithms for participating BCOs, NVOCCs and motor carriers that are connected to the Blume Global digital supply chain platform. With the implementation of the SavantX Hyper Optimized Nodal Efficiency (HONE) AI machine-learning product and seamless integration of FMS systems with Blume, innovative new solutions will be made available to participating BCOs, NVOCCs, and motor carriers in phases. Blume Global integrates more than 25 years of historical data with data collected in real-time from many sources, most recently from FMS.

Phase 1 of FMS’ VIP solutions will go live on March 10 and will include a suite of VIP Services to help customers precisely tailor the delivery of their cargo through an advanced appointment scheduling process, saving time and money. Three services will be offered: Fenix Express, Fenix Preferred and Fenix Priority. Descriptions of each service can be found on FMS’ website at or Blume Global’s website at

“Fenix Marine Services is investing heavily in terminal development and advanced technologies, including an artificial intelligence (machine learning and advanced forecasting) engine, to meet the emerging digitization needs of our customers and the increased throughput volumes forecasted at the nation’s largest gateway,” said Sean Pierce, president and CEO of FMS. “Together, we will leverage Blume Global’s industry-leading technology and FMS’s terminal know-how and customer relationships in order to deliver the next generation of innovative expedited terminal service capabilities that we believe will set a new standard across the industry.”

“We are pleased to partner with FMS to provide our customers with an expedited terminal service experience at one of the largest marine terminals in the country. This solution will provide unprecedented visibility, predictability and logistics execution capabilities to our customers and their participating partners,” said Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global. “This translates into tangible value across the supply chain ecosystem. The new systems and data from FMS are extremely valuable, as they are correlated across the network and into all Blume Global solutions.”

Additional data sources for Blume Global include air, ocean, rail and motor carriers, airport, marine and rail terminals, ELD, AIS, air traffic and IoT sensor systems, weather alerts, and feeds. The collected data remains anonymous and confidential. Blume Global takes the substantial insights from its worldwide network and correlates it with planned and unplanned event data analysis to drive visibility in the supply chain. Blume Global extends the data in its networks through valuable partnerships with companies like FMS.


About Blume Global

Blume Global delivers a unique approach to powering global supply chain networks, with a focus on providing logistics and supply chain solutions that help all participants in the ecosystem collaborate and meet customer service commitments, from logistics service providers to ocean carriers to BCOs and shippers to the vast global motor carrier network. Blume solutions build on decades of network and data-driven connections to create real-time visibility, as well as the logistics execution to help customers in retail, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods (CPG), hi-tech and network partners — including carriers and service providers — translate visibility into real value for customers. Blume Global supports the supply chain in every move, mode and mile.

About Fenix Marine Services, Ltd.

Fenix Marine Services is the operator of a container terminal with a long-term concession located at Pier 300 in the Port of Los Angeles. With a focus on seamless, integrated solutions, Fenix provides container and general cargo handling services to shipping lines including stevedoring, intermodal and truck services, storage and maintenance. By staying ahead with the latest in terminal operating technology, Fenix offers innovative ways to streamline the movement of cargo across its terminals.


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