A few weeks ago, our team received the 2019 Golden Bridge Award for Corporate Branding, recognizing our successful transformation to a leading, innovative supply chain brand in just 9 months. After almost a year of brainstorming sessions, meetings and projects to bring the Blume Global brand to life—our whole team is proud to see how all our hard work come to fruition.

In September 2018, we began our transformation from a 25-year old logistics company with a very specific audience called REZ-1, to Blume Global. Since 1994, REZ-1 had built a trusted and successful platform in the intermodal space. As we transformed into Blume Global, our goal was to become a supply chain software innovator, and the leadership team was tasked with expanding the marketing operations to reach key new audiences and build awareness around our company.

Our program delivered significant results in the nine months following its launch. From a brand awareness perspective, total organic traffic to the Blume Global website increased by 436 percent in the first three months of the launch compared to the previous three months!

And our efforts also got notice from outside leaders as well. When asked his opinion on the current state of the company, Simon Ellis, Program Vice President of IDC said, “Blume Global has shown an impressive upward trajectory since its rebrand in September of 2018, landing notable partnerships with companies such as Google, Oracle, and Infosys to help expand innovation in the supply chain ecosystem.”

Ellis continued by saying, “The significant amount of network data they have accumulated over 25 years in the logistics and supply chain industry is proving to be a crucial differentiator for the company and its customers. Blume has staked out a strong position in a crowded and competitive industry.”

We’re honored to be recognized for all the thought and work we put into this launch over the past year and look forward to what 2020 has in store for us. To learn more about our journey this past year as Blume Global, check out our Blume Year in Review.

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