Blake Darby, Implementation Specialist & Project Manager

A successful implementation can be challenging when it is outsourced. During my career, I have seen how an organization often works with various contacts from an outsourced implementation team. With each contact being charged with different aspects of the process, the entire implementation process would be slowed down and less efficient. Although one point of contact can be challenging and a lot to handle, if done properly, it can serve as a great benefit.

The value that an in-house team provides, such as the one at Blume Global, is that there is one point of contact throughout the entire implementation process. This eliminates the redundant time of having to explain and communicate the same issues or concerns to multiple people. In addition, the implementation team really understands the solutions at hand.

This past year, with Blume Accelerate and our in-house implementation team, ­­­we successfully implemented OL Move powered by Blume Global. OL USA was responsible for tracking shipments for their customers and were looking for a portal to give them the ability to put all their shipments into one list, customize their search criteria and run reports on any set of data.

Since implementing Blume Global, OL USA has been able to add all these functionalities, enhancing their business and giving them the capacity to bring on more advanced and larger customers. In addition, OL USA can receive exceptions and alerts for their shipments, receive updates on shipments in real-time, and receive summaries from any shipments, all in one platform.

We partnered closely with OL USA, being there through every step of the way, and it truly was a team effort to implement. Our team had an assigned Project Manager, Solution Design Representative, R&D team, and our own customer support group. With everyone on board, what would usually take at least a year, took months.

How Blume Global’s Work with OL USA Can Help Others

The supply chain and logistics industry are filled with legacy systems, spreadsheets, and manual data entry. With the Blume Global digital platform, we can automate an organization’s entire system and set up reports and alerts on any piece of information – giving them access to constant and real-time updates all in one centralized place.

Given the uncertainties surrounding the impact of COVID-19, it is all the more important for organizations to receive real-time alerts and updates. Through our global and intermodal network, we’re able to give organizations visibility into their shipments, helping them stay organized. Many companies have had to downsize their teams, and Blume solutions can eliminate a lot of added time that was needed to keep track of all their information.

I look forward to continuing to partner with organizations to help them navigate this uncertain time and grow their business with the added value of Blume Global’s network and solutions.

To learn more about the benefits OL USA has experienced since implementing with Blume Global, read the press release here.

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