By Ronald Kleijwegt, VP Global Sales & Managing Director EMEA

Though there are stark differences that emerge when comparing logistics in the U.S. and Europe, their priorities in this new digital landscape are similar. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of my predictions for what I believe the future of logistics industry will look like in both regions and how these insights helped me decide to join our team.

Digitization Will Be Key

One convergence amongst both regions is the significance of digitization within the supply chain. Given both regions being in a highly dynamic, economic and political environment — supply chain industry leaders are more than ever recognizing the value of digitization, to make their operations more efficient and flexible. When only digitizing individual parts of the supply chain ecosystem, the solution will always be sub-optimal.

Fast decision making without losing control is key. There is a clear need for supply chain organizations to differentiate themselves to compete in this new era, especially with companies like Uber Freight and Flexport having entered both the U.S. and European markets. It’s all about the total supply chain ecosystem

Sharing Data is Crucial

As the logistics landscape continues to change within our world, I also believe that the industry needs to partner together and share data. To be a successful logistics network and to power artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven solutions, you need high volumes of data. The more data you have, the more insights your logistics organization will have into their operations and future decisions.

How Blume Global is Part of the Next Wave of Supply Chain

One of the reasons I decided to join Blume Global comes from the fact that we are a global company which utilizes our 25 years’ worth of collective data to drive efficiencies and collaboration within the supply chain. It is fascinating what you can do with data science with the support of AI and ML.

In my previous career, anybody could tell me where my shipments were and if shipments were going to be too late. Not if, how and by whom they could still make my requested ETA and certainly not in one central overview. This is what Blume Global offers as an IT solution. It is exciting to be part of the next wave of supply chain and I look forward to how we’ll grow in the upcoming years as we continue to grow our global presence across both Europe and the U.S.

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